Olserum North and Gruvhagen REE Projects

Olserum North and Gruvhagen REE Projects

Ragnar Metals Limited REE projects are located in Sweden in the Southwest Fennoscandian Shield, an area renowned for the formation of REE deposits.

Olserum North HREE Project

The project tenure covers an area of 21 km², strategically located 8.5 kilometres north of the Olserum HREE deposit. This area has a high potential for rare earth element (REE) deposits, as indicated by rock assays from Hylleled’s Prospect, where rocks containing up to 4,044 ppm REE have been reported. These rocks also include 63% heavy rare earth element (HREE) metals, including 365 ppm Dy and 54 ppm Tb.

Gruvhagen REE (NdPr) Project

Project tenure comprises 16.5km² tenure strategically located 20 kilometres north of Ragnar Metals Granmuren Ni-Cu discovery. This district is well-known as the worldwide type locality for REE-bearing carbonate minerals, bastnasite being the most critical REE ore mineral at the Mountain Pass mine in the USA.